10 Best Websites & Blogs for Business Analysts

Top 10 awardIf you are a business analyst or a member of a related team, here’s our list of top-10 blogs and websites for Business Analysts. 

Hope you enjoy!

  1. Modern Analyst - The definitive BA source for great content and community
  2. Business Analyst Times - White papers, webinars, and practical advice for the every-day BA
  3. International Institute of Business Analysis - Join this community to network with other BAs and access their online library [Read more...]

Requirements Management: When Should You Write User Interface (UI) Specs?

rooster-early2In my last blog post, I discussed why the User Interface (UI) specifications should be an integral part of requirements.

If you agree (fully or partially) with my take on this, the next question to consider is as follows: At what stage of the requirements management process should we write the UI specifications?

My answer for this is surprisingly simple, yet difficult to implement in most projects. But that is not bad news.

What is the answer, and why is it not bad news? Read on… [Read more...]

Requirements Management: Should User Interface (UI) Be Part of Requirements?

old-comp-with-terminalSince the advent of the software industry, User Interface (UI) has been an afterthought – for the most part. UI is something the teams building the software slapped on the software at the end of a project.

Kinda like a coat of paint after the house was built! :)

The conventional wisdom (especially in B2B software) was that customers did not buy the software for the UI, they bought it for the functionality.

From this piece of conventional wisdom, another one followed: UI should *NOT* be a part of requirements. Rather, UI is something added after the requirements (use cases or functional requirements) were defined.

Is this still true? Read on for the answer… [Read more...]

Business Analyst Comic: That is Too Expensive

Everybody loves a laugh! Right?

So, we have a new tongue-in-cheek comic series: A Day in the Life of a Business Analyst.

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy creating them!

Episode 1: “That is Too Expensive” 

BA_E1_Too-Expensive [Read more...]

Requirements Management: The Hidden Benefit

Requirements-Are-ForeverAs you know, writing detailed requirements is very valuable – both for traditional (waterfall) projects, and for Agile projects. Please check out my previous post for why detailed requirements are beneficial even for Agile projects.

In this blog post, I’d like to highlight one thing that many people miss when it comes to requirements management.

Wondering what it is? Read on for the answer… [Read more...]