Requirements Management Software for Mac Users

I made a post about a year ago on our Product Management Insights blog saying that Accompa works well on Macs.

Just cross-posting it on this blog too, as we’ve some received some inquiries from readers of this blog about whether our Accompa Requirements Management Software works well on Macs.

Just to reiterate the other post’s message: I’m a Mac user myself, and I’m happy to let you know Accompa is 100% compatible with Mac! 🙂

This is because Accompa is not only 100% cloud-based, it is also 100% based on HTML and related standards. And, it is *NOT* dependent on 3rd party plugins like Flash, Java, etc. Nor is it dependent on features specific to Internet Explorer or Chrome – like some apps these days.

This means, our requirements management software is fully (as in 100%) functional on Mac – and works on all major browsers: Firefox (my favorite browser), Chrome, and Safari.

So, if your team needs a requirements software and has people who use a Mac, Accompa may be a good fit. Of course, Accompa also works well on Windows, on all major browsers: Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. If you’d like to find out whether Accompa can help your team – check out our product tour or request free trial.

Editor’s Note:
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